Mission:  We are committed to helping Mothers’ over 25 who strive to emotionally bond with their child (birth to five) build a healthy and luv’n connection to ensure they meet their developmental milestones.

Level 1
30-60 days


On your own – w/course guidance        
visit a park daily (TBD)
.30 min weekly call
1 / 15 min journal review 
15 min action planning
Level 3
8 weeks


1:1 Coaching vs  Group Coaching    
1 hr weekly call
1 hr Q/A
breath work daily
exercise daily
visit 3-4 parks (TBD)
3 / 15 min journal reviews 
15 min action planning

Most Popular!

Level 2
6 weeks


On your own – w/course guidance        
.45-min weekly call
visit 7-8 parks (TBD)
journal findings   
2 / 15 min journal reviews 
15 min action planning


13 Day Womb Wellness Detox
13 day Bath Detox
5 day 30 min Revealing
5 day 30 min Releasing
3 day 30 min Restoration
Journal 5-10 min after bath
30 min weekly call

Customize Meal Plans – 5-7 day package

Customize Herbal Detox Cleanse 15-30 day detox

E-Commerse  (Coming late Spring 2023 ) TBD


*Client will be required to discontinue program if Level 1 is not completed within 60 days.

No refund policy as this is a self-motivated and independent course with supports.
Disclosure:  These are in no way intended to be mental health therapeutic sessions.

About Us

Who We Are

Meet Founding Leader Pamela.  Pamela strives on being an innovative, self-motivated, action-oriented individual.  She is a Solution Focused and Strengths Based Coach and a Certified Integrative Mental Health Professional who specializes in helping Mothers’ over 25 experience healthy emotional bonds with their child (birth – five) by consistently, committing to caring for her SOUL!

US & WE Academy is a fast growing personal development organization committed to supporting Mothers’ over 25 on a journey to building a lifetime emotional bond with their child (birth – five) to ensure developmental milestones are met.  Since 2016, it was designed to educate, equip, and empower Mothers’ towards a higher spiritual wellbeing.

Vision:  US & WE Academy is committed to being one of the most innovative Wellness Academy’s in the DMV area.  Helping Mothers’ over 25 build healthy emotional bonds with their child while actively creating a life of Self LUV and the lives around them are changed.

Ready for SELF LUV?

Start your experience of Self-LUV, through acceptance and trust to gain clarity of purpose with passion.