What is the difference between a SENS’RE 3 Rein Stick® and other Rainsticks?

The SENS’RE 3 Rein Stick® is a mindfulness tool used to support the sensory system and social-emotional and behavioral challenges.  It is uniquely designed to bring a calming, relaxing, and a nurturing feel for people of all ages verses other rain sticks which are widely recognized as a folk art item and used as a musical instrument.

What’s the best time to use it?

The SENS’RE 3 Rein Stick®  can be used at any time!  Whenever you need to get focused, calm, centered, or just to feel relaxed.  The key is “consistency” and a “commitment” to using it!  Example: For Educators, it is recommended at the start the day and during the class for classroom management and/or as a Restorative tool and to reduce disciplinary referrals.

How do you I care for the SENS’RE 3 Rein Stick®?

The SENS’RE 3 Rein Stick® is painted using a non-toxic acrylic paint.  The Rein Stick is cleaned by using a baby wipe or soft damp cloth.  Store the Rein Stick in a room temperature environment.

Can I change and or decorate the SENS’RE 3 Rein Stick®?

You certainly can!  It is recommended, if used by educators, to treat the Rein Stick as a memorabilia item.  Thus, allowing students to sign or decorate it to celebrate the end of the school year and success in your class.

Is the SENS’RE 3 Rein Stick® safe from harm?

Yes, if properly stored, displayed and used under supervision of an adult.  In the classroom, it should be maintained and “kept by an adult” with the understanding that it is a helpful and supportive tool  – not a weapon!  Same thing applies when used at home or with a Professional.  Parents and Professionals are responsible for storing.