SENS’RE 3 Consulting comments:

Pam is an amazing consultant with years of experience and expertise. I value her ability to identify the heart of a situation and provide input that is reliable and sound. Pam is very personable and always takes into account the strengths of those she serves, while challenging new ways of thinking about a clinical situation. Pam is a gem to the profession. I am grateful to have her as a colleague and consultant.

Kristian S, Upper Marlboro, MD

SENS’RE 3 Mindfulness comments:

I have been practicing mindfulness meditation for many years, usually directing my attention at my breath, the sounds around me, my bodily sensations, or even my visual perception. However, all of this has been in the context of sitting still; a few times I have done walking meditation. I used to think that rain-sticks existed for two purposes: as unique percussion instruments, and for young children to be entertained while engaged in tactile learning. It wasn’t until Pamela Little presented the rein sticks at a professional conference I attended, and had the room listen to them, that I understood that I, too, as well as students and clients, could benefit from them. Standing slowly, closing my eyes and using the 52″ rein stick I bought from Pamela, tilting it slowly, allows me to feel and hear the quiet vibrations. It has the power to calm and center me when I am anxious or hyper-ruminating. It is not a cure-all for anxiety (of course) but it prepares me to bring more focus and calm to whatever I do next. Like so many things, it is a tool to use, and I am glad I was finally made aware of it. My wife also enjoys the short rein stick I bought for her to use with her kindergartners, to help them be mindful and learn to self-soothe.

– Peter S. – Linthicum, MD


I am a Policy Analyst for the Federal Government. My job can be very demanding at times due to short turn times on contract work. During these periods, I find myself stressed and tense. I started using the Rein Stick for about 10-15 minutes in a quiet room as the sound “is so soothing and relaxing” that I noticed my stress and tension start to fade. I used it for “several months” and I now find that I’ve “conditioned my body” to respond to the sound of the Rein Stick. In fact, I can use it for a very short period of time (1-5 mins) before seeing result (my mind clears, heart rate and breathing slows) and I’m able to relax. I also use it outside of work. I am married and a father of two (5 and 10 yr old). We received our Rein Sticks as a gift from my father and we all enjoy using them. I would definitely recommend a Rein Stick to anyone who struggles to cope with stress and anxiety!

– Michael C – Severn, MD


I use the Rein Stick in my profession once per week when conducting my “Mindfulness Monday” group activities. I work with adolescents males within a juvenile detention center. I actually saw a decrease in the display of mood (anxiety) when using the Rein stick–the kids love it and really focus on the sounds and connect it to the rain since they haven’t been able to hear the changes of weather due to being incarcerated. The youth are highly engaged in the group therapy activities conducted after using the Rein stick!

– Lenese S. – Gwynn Oak, MD


I am a 1st grade Teacher. I started using the Rein Sticks with my students in January. A few of the students had “strong behavioral problems” that included acting out. They are able to use the Rein Stick to self soothe. It allows them to focus, and once they are feeling more calm, I am able to get back to the students. I appreciate the benefits that the Rein Stick has brought to my classroom and will continue to use it in the future.

-Ingrid W. – Atlanta, Georgia

I am a Social Worker providing therapeutic services to individuals and families in the Baltimore City area. I work primarily with preschoolers and their families. I purchased two Rein Sticks from Pamela Little after a training in Maryland. I bought a large stick to use with adults and a small stick to use with children. I have really enjoyed incorporating this tool in my everyday practice. I use the Rein Sticks as part of a transition routine, as a way to introduce and close sessions with families and trainings with teachers at the Head Start program with which I work. In practice, I have found this tool to encourage self-regulation skills, promote mindfulness, and enhance a sense body control/body awareness. I find the SENS’RE 3 Rein Sticks to be an incredibly useful intervention when working with children, adults, and teachers as a way to promote overall social-emotional and behavioral health.

– Andie S. – Silver Spring, Maryland

I am an Elementary School Counselor. I use the Rein Sticks on a regular basis, often in crisis situations as a relaxation tool. In the classroom, I use them as an opener to set tone for the lesson, which the kids really love.

– Fredina J. – Nanjemoy, Maryland

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and I work in a private practice that deals with children and teenagers. Most of these patients are seen after a trauma situation. I use the SENS’RE 3 Rein Sticks™ as a coping mechanism for reducing PTSD symptoms. The Rein Sticks are used in the beginning and end of therapy sessions to assist the children and teens to help them focus on breathing and mindfulness. Some kids will even grab the Rein Sticks on their own in order to self regulate.

– Kristian O. – Largo, Maryland

I am an Art Therapist and Counselor and began using the SENS’RE 3 Rein Sticks™ with my Psychotherapy group as a ritual for women with PTSD. The Rein Sticks are used to create a calming space before her sessions and again at the end of the session before the women go back into their lives. Often times, the Rein Sticks are used as a regulator to calm the space around. The movement and sound of the tool is very therapeutic either in a relaxed setting or movement of flow when they are getting up to move around.

– Chandra C – Silver Spring, MD

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in private practice working with children and adolescents with a trauma and substance abuse background. I received the Rein Stick to use with my clients however my office moved and I started using it myself. I use it 2-3 times a week for several reasons – mainly to help regulate my heart rate and body, and then to get in a calm state in order to focus on my work. Also, it helps me commit to staying calm and relaxed!

Teal P. – Charlotte, NC


I am a school counselor who uses the Rein Stick with the kids during free play in the classroom and will often use it to calm them down. The Rein stick is used on a regular basis in her classroom.

– Lisa K. – Fairfax, VA


Joan purchased the SENS’RE 3 Rein Sticks™ for both herself and her daughter. She uses hers in her nightly routine as a tool to find center and peace after a long day. Her daughter is a musician and also suffers with anxiety. She is able to incorporate her Rein Stick with her musical routine. Both find the tool to be very calming and peaceful, much like the sound of rain.

Joan M. – Upper Marlboro, MD


I have used it personally and I like it a lot. When I get stressed, I like to turn off the tv, and the music, and try to perform deep breathing exercises while listening to the sounds of the rein stick. This does usually calm me down and help me to clear my mind so that I can formulate a plan to deal with whatever issue is causing me stress.

– Lillian M. – Allentown, PA

We use the Rein Stick every morning during a Breakfast Club. It is used in a “Calming Room”. The Rein Stick is passed around and everyone takes a turn. The focus is to make the rain sound “trickle slowly” rather than fast. It is a really effective tool for calming everyone before class.

– Tiffany H. – Warfordburg, PA