I will collaborate individually and in a group format (6-8) with educators to achieve your professional goals.  Our coaching sessions will be innovative and motivating.  This is achieved by coming alongside you to explore options and resources to meet your teaching dreams.

The goal is to educate, transform, and empower you to consistently “commit” to your professional values to get desired outcomes.

  •  The objectives we will meet are threefold:
        •   Educate educators on how to address behaviors with confidence
        •   Transform the classroom by improving social-emotional skills
        •   Empower educators to consistently commit to using tools daily


Outcome:  Stress reduction, reduced disruptions, job satisfaction, better relationship with students and your Principal.  Taking action to now say “I am choosing to live a life of action rather than one of reaction”.  Enjoy the transformation!

Benefits: accountability, structure, positive, objective and supportive, break through blocks, delivery

Ethics: no dual relationships, maintain professionalism, and promote safe environment

Service: office of consultant/on-site location TBD/virtual

Sensational Thursday’s –  a safe space where educators can experience the creative process of integrating mindfulness and art while reducing stress, relaxing, and connecting with peers.  Meets every 3rd Thursday of the month from 4:30-5:30pm.  Location TBD.   Come and relax!