aboutWelcome to SENS’RE 3

SENS’RE 3 is a Wellness Coaching and Consulting service that provides an array of products and services to elementary educators and their Principals.

One of it’s products when practicing mindfulness is the Rein Stick.  It helps people find calm and relaxation by “listening to the rain.”

Mindfulness have been proven to promote well-being! Mindfulness through SENS’RE 3 is a state of being aware moment-to-moment of one’s consciousness (thoughts and feelings).  Practicing to renew your mind.

The SENS’RE 3 Rein Stick® was created to support all individuals in this process.  The colors of the Rein Stick were designed around the spiritual covenant of the rainbow to bring peace and harmony to mind, body, and spirit.  Also, the colors support the Psyche in the healing process and as a way to bring calmness.

According to founder, Pamela Little, “Encouraging others to find their ‘true value’ in life has become my reason for being.  Accordingly, I’ve focused on removing obstacles that stand between my clients and emotional self control.  The Rein Stick, is the embodiment of that passion.”

During my developmental years (4-10) I experienced many traumatic events and struggled with impulsive behaviors.  Thanks to the “sensory outlets” provided by my 4th grade teacher Ms. J and a social worker, I as able to settle down and truly learn.  By the 6th grade, I was able to communicate my career goal of becoming a Child Psychologist and working with children and their families.  Today, I am a Licensed Clinical Professional serving educators, children, and their families with similar challenges.  Support me today in finding Ms. J in the classroom!